Hello, my name is Danny Cruz. Thanks for visiting. I'm a professional kiteboarder from Puerto Rico. Do not leave before taking a good look around.

You may have landed on this page by accident, or maybe a friend referred you here. But, take a moment out of your busy schedule for a little refreshment. If this is the first time you learn about kiteboarding be sure to check around the site and discover this exciting extreme sport. Be sure to see my action photo gallery. If you want to see the real stuff, watch the video clips. Want to take a look into my lifestyle? Take a peek at the lifestyle photo gallery. I'm sure you will find this site rather enjoyable even if you have never even been to the ocean.

I lived on Maui, Hawaii for two years and I was able to train everyday in the best conditions in the world. I love unhooked wakestyle moves and waveriding above all. Plus, I'm always open to experimenting with different gear setups. I'm travelling a lot more nowadays so maybe I'll end up riding at your local spot.

Other than a kiteboarder, I'm also a drummer, guitarist, and graphic/web designer. Somehow I find time to do it all. This is the second editon of this site and I decided to include a bit more of what I do instead of just kiteboarding. See the Xtras page for that. Eventually, I'll have complete sites for my graphic designs and music. I'll even have free MP3 download samples of my music.

So have fun and enjoy your visit. While you are here, add this page to your favorites and come back often to check the weather.

God Bless You. See you in the water. Danny Cruz